4 reasons why you should buy Binance Coin (BNB) in 2018

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4 reasons why you should buy Binance Coin (BNB)

There are more than a thousand altcoins in the market right now, and it’s only natural to get confused on which ones to invest in.  That’s why we have combed the market to find the best coins for you. From this research, we believe that Binance Coin (BNB) is the coin to watch! It is a hidden gem that will surprise many as time goes by. Here’s why.

  1. Binance is growing

Binance is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the market today. The exchange is growing especially fast in the Chinese market, which also happens to be one of the largest crypto markets in the world.

Given that the growth of Binance Coin (BNB) is directly linked to the growth of the Binance platform, you can be sure that its value is poised to grow exponentially as the value of its exchange grows. This makes BNB coin one of the coins to watch given that it is backed by a solid platform that is generating revenues, and those revenues are growing.

  1. Low transaction fees

When trading BNB coin on the Binance platform, you do not pay any fees. This makes this the perfect coin for someone looking for a low cost investment in cryptocurrencies.

On top of that, you can use Binance coin (BNB) as the utility coin to buy other cryptos instead of using bitcoin, which is quite expensive. These low fees and the fact that it can replace bitcoin as a utility coin makes it a fundamentally better coin than many other altcoins in the market. As more people get to learn of this aspect of its coin, you can expect it to explode in coming days.

  1. It has a limited supply

Supply is one of the factors that can determine whether a coin will grow in value or not. For instance, part of the reason why bitcoin has grown to its current price levels is because it has a capped supply of only 21 million coins.

The same case applies to BNB coin. Binance coin has a total supply of 197 million, and 99 million of them are already taken up. As more people get to learn of the strong fundamentals of this coin, you can be sure that its supply will decline over time. This will act as an anchor to BNB coin’s future price growth.

  1. Binance is trusted by the crypto community

Of all the exchanges in the market right now, Binance seems to be one of the most trusted. It is easy to operate, has high withdrawal limits of up to $30,000 and has had no major security issues. This trust in the platform also gives investors’ confidence in bnb coin, confidence that is waning in many other altcoins due to pump-and-dump schemes. This element of stability and community trust is one of the reasons why this coin will grow exponentially in coming days.  Besides, company has been linked to NEO coin in the past, which means that as NEO grows, so will Binance coin (BNB).


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