NEM (XEM): The sleeping giant of cryptos

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NEM (XEM): The sleeping giant of crypto’s

Most cryptocurrency investors have already accepted that the bitcoin train already sailed, and that latecomers cannot expect any significant returns by investing in bitcoin. That’s why investors are now actively hunting for the next bitcoin. The question therefore is, will it be Ethereum, Ripple, NEO or any of the other major altcoins?  Well, if you too are shopping for the next coin that could give you exemplary returns, you should probably be looking at NEM (XEM). It has a pretty good chance of exemplary value growth in the future.  In case you are in doubt about this, let’s look at 4 factors that could push NEM up in coming years.

  1. NEM (XEM) has been in the marker since 2015

One thing you have probably learnt in the cryptocurrency markets up to this point is the existence of pump-and-dump scams. These projects come to the market with a lot of hype, draw in investors then disappear. That’s why if you find a coin that has been in the market for some time, you should take note of it, as a worthy investment. It means that it has a fundamentally strong technology behind it that is likely to push it to great heights. Remember even bitcoin took several years before its market value exploded to its current levels, so NEM’s current market dynamics are a non-issue to its future  growth.

  1. NEM has successfully implemented delegated harvesting

One of the biggest problems plaguing most blockchain based coins is the high cost of power in the mining process. For instance, research shows that as things stand now, the power required to mine bitcoin is more than the power required to power a small country. That’s a problem that NEM has managed to overcome with its delegated harvesting technology. Through this technology, it is possible for people to pool mining power without putting their private keys at risk of hackers. This element of mining efficiency is something that could give NEM a significant push in coming months or years.

  1. It’s among the top 10 cryptos

In crypto circles, the market cap of a coin matters. A high market cap usually shows that the market is excited, and has  faith in it. That’s why the fact that NEM (XEM) is among the top 10 coins and has been there for some time is a pointer to a sleeping giant that could shoot up in value at some point in the future. All it needs is a little hype from the media and that’s it. Remember it is designed to rival Ethereum and has better technical capabilities, something that will play a role in its future growth.

  1. You can spend XEM with your debit card

In case you are confused about NEM and XEM, XEM is the cryptocurrency that runs on the NEM platform. Its usability is one of the reasons why NEM is a sleeping giant that could explode in value in coming days. That’s because most coins are struggling with issues of real world usability. As more people adopt cryptos, they will need coins that have some level of real-life utility, not just speculation. The fact that NEM (XEM) is one of the coins that are on the forefront of real-life use, makes it one of the coins to watch in coming days.



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