Enjin (ENJ) coin: The ultimate gaming cryptocurrency

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Enjin coin is a product of Enjin Company and it is based on the Ethereum technology. It is a cryptocurrency whose blockchain is designed to get the gaming community on board the world cryptocurrency world.

Those who love gaming can confirm that gaming has never been and can never be boring. So, the Enjin ecosystem makes cryptocurrency transaction enjoyable and also very addictive. This is contrary to most cryptocurrency blockchains where everything is a serious business.

With Enjin (ENJ), gamers can have a return for playing. It won’t be just a waste of time.  Gaming communities, as well as publishers now have a place to implement their virtual goods. Enjin provides real value for the virtual goods in games.

How do gamers benefit from Enjin?

Game developers and launchers have the liberty to have their games linked to the Enjin blockchain and have their virtual goods linked to the Enjin coin. The gamers can then have their goods stored inside the Enjin Coin wallet.

How do gamers make money using Enjin (ENJ)?

The coin is designed to be used as a currency across various websites that offer online games. Here the gamer can for example use the coin on the in-game purchases.

Gamers can later convert their ENJ coins into fiat currencies like the US dollars or into other cryptocurrencies like the Ethereum if they so wish.

Below are some examples of how gamers can use the Enjin coin:

  • Buying items within the game when playing. Especially for getting into the higher levels of the game
  • Buying power ups while playing.
  • Gamer can also develop new coins to be used in the games.
  • Gamers can also choose to award the members of their gaming communities if they participate in certain games or forums.
  • Game developers can set specific Enjin coin rewards for those gamers who achieve certain milestones when playing.

Features of the Enjin cryptocurrency ecosystem

  • It offers Software development kits (SDKs) for different languages. These SDKs are completely open-source so as to promote the game industry.
  • It offers developers the liberty to create and manage virtual items.
  • It offers smart wallets for both PCs and mobile phones. This is so that it can be easy for the users to receive transactions as well as subscription requests. The smart contracts also and simplify the in-game purchases
  • It offers web, mobile as well as API- Based apps for the content creators. This makes make it very easy for users to create and manage virtual assets.
  • Have a decentralised payment gateway that can accept any other Custom coin apart from the ENJ via the open source SDK tools.

Enjin (ENJ) Price

The current market cap for Enjin (ENJ) is $145,439,266 USD. This places it at position 131 according to market capitalization ranking, with a 24 hour volume of $3,962,290 USD.

The total ENJ supply that can be attained was set at 1,000,000,000 ENJ. However, this is still way off from being attained.

Since its release, Enjin’s value has been on the rise. However, the real increase in value took place between 1st December, 2017 and 7th January, 2018. Within this period the prices rose from $0.023208USD to $0.484009 USD which is an increase of about 1,985% within a period of about a month.

But since then, Enjin’s value has been declining to date. As of 23rd, Jan, 2018, a single ENJ was going for $0.192331 USD registering a 60% decline in a period of three weeks.

However, the price of Enjin (ENJ) coin seem to be stabilizing now and they are not expected to break the $0.12 support level.

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