3 reasons Why to Buy Vechain (VEN) in 2018!

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VeChain (VEN) is the coin to watch in 2018!

There is consensus in the digital currency space that cryptocurrencies are in a bubble. The only question is, what exactly will happen when the bubble burst? Well, no one knows for sure, but an educated guess would tell you that fundamentally sound coins will survive, while “shitcoins” will disappear from the market.

One of the fundamentally sound coins that will survive is Vechain (VEN). In fact, Vechain will not only survive, but could take a place among the top 4 coins within the year. Here’s why!

  1. It is focused on a high growth market

Vechain (VEN) is focused on smart contracts, and wants to specialize on ICOs and DAPPs. This is one of the most practical aspect of blockchain to date, and also among the fastest growing. Therefore, as the number of ICOs increases, smart contract platform such as Vechain are guaranteed to grow.

The other two smart contract platforms NEO and Ethereum have already gained momentum, Vechain is next. Its impressive price rise in the last few days is a good indicator of this fact.

  1. Vechain is partnering with major corporations

Cryptocurrencies are yearning for real life adoption for the industry to grow. That’s why any announcement by a crypto platform that it is partnering with a corporation pushes up prices. Case in point was the IOTA rally after it announced that it was partnering with Microsoft on a project.

Now imagine how great deal it is when a digital currency platform partners with multiple major corporations, and in diverse industries. That’s a guarantee for astronomical value growth, right? Well, that’s exactly what is happening to Vechain. The platform has partnered with multiple corporations from different industries. Currently it has partnerships with companies from industries as diverse as healthcare, finance and real estate. This is a pointer to a crypto platform that has achieved what many other cryptos have been unable to achieve, and that’s the provision of solutions that people can use in day-to-day life.

  1. Vechain is in the good books of the Chinese government

If you have been into cryptos for some time, then you know that China has been on a war path with cryptocurrencies. It started with a ban on ICOs and is currently looking to centralize cryptocurrency trading.  However, there are certain coins and that seem to have found favor with the Chinese government. One of them is NEO, which is one of the reason why it has grown in value in recent months. However, on this front, Vechain seems to have bypassed all other coins, including NEO.

It has clinched a deal with the Chinese government, something that even NEO has never managed to do. Yes, you got that right. Vechain is partnering with the Chinese government on a deal that will involve China’s tobacco monopoly. This is a company owned by the Chinese national government, which makes Vechain a pioneer in striking a deal with the second largest economy in the world. You can only guess how this affect Vechain’s price!

Where to buy Vechain (VEN)

Clearly Vechain is a worth buying. To get this coin, sign up for an account on the exchanges where it is listed and buy before it explodes in value!


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