Verge (XVG) Set to be the Next Bitcoin but Better

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It is not brainer that majority of cryptocurrency enthusiasts have heard about Bitcoin. It has been in the news in the recent past due to its meteoric rise of 1800% towards the end of 2017. But once you dig deeper into its core operations, it has issues that open up avenues for other Altcoins to thrive. The BTC system is highly inefficient and transactions are slow and receiving and sending coins is damn expensive.

When investing on any cryptocurrency, you need to focus on its two sources of value; you can go for extrinsic or intrinsic values. Alternatively, you are better off when choosing a coin that has both. You need the extrinsic value that enable you use the coin and purchase goods and services. If you cannot use a coin to buy sugar or pay your trip, them the currency is not worth your effort. Intrinsic value enables a coin to be exchanged on select markets.

Unlike Bitcoin, Verge (XVG) has both values and you can exchange it in select exchanges of repute seamlessly. The success of XVG is vested on its value that can be converted to other currencies and other digital assets of value.

Bitcoin Shortcomings and Verge (XVG) Rise

Bitcoin transaction costs are currently going through the roof. This has made some exchanges close their digital doors at a time when there is huge demand. This has set the pace for Verge to cannibalize the market with better services, high transaction speed and low cost in sending and receiving money. This has given Verge a chance to being one the Altcoins vying for the next big thing slot.

Verge offers a state-of-the-art medium of exchange that takes care of users living in any corner of the globe. Currently, Bitcoin transfers can take up to three hours to complete while with Verge, three seconds is what it takes for a transaction to clear. So, why would you use a platform that is congested while you have Verge, the platform of the future?

Well, Bitcoin has paved the way for users to adopt the blockchain technology. At least anyone can send and receive money as long as they have smartphone and internet connectivity. However, the consumer is very sensitive on the amount of time spend from requesting for money and the time it takes to hit their wallet. That is where Verge comes in with its vengeance.

Consumer Satisfaction is Key

The modern cryptocurrency user has more demands today than nine years ago. XVG is has realized these loopholes and seeks to give what the consumer needs. With fast speeds, you do not have to stand at the local store waiting for your payment transaction to be completed. Verge offers the best solution for that and your transactions are not traceable.

People are looking for cryptocurrencies that solve their needs and make their life easy. Ethereum was created to provide users with solutions through smart contracts while Litecoin is meant for fast transactions. Verge is associated with privacy making it competitive in the market and offers the fastest speeds in the market.

There are many coins that provide transaction privacy but still have problems when it comes to scalability. However, it is true that majority of consumers do not like to appear subversive. Transactions above board add trust in any system. When you shop online, you need to be able to prove that you made a purchase and you can trace the transaction just in case there was a mix-up. You need the option to choose what transaction remains private and one that is public.

Verge developers have made privacy an option to take care of the two extremes of their users. This leads to consumer satisfaction. You have the option to remain anonymous or public. This makes verge the ideal peer-to-peer platform; you do not have to send money to your spouse or grandmother anonymously; a huge plus for Verge when compared to major cryptocurrencies and Altcoins.

What is the driving force behind Verge (XVG)?

By the making traceability function optional, Verge is positioning itself for the future; to give users what they need. This means that what Bitcoin does, Verge can do it better. With Bitcoin lying on its marketing publicity laurels, Verge is silently attracting organic adopters. Organic market penetration attracts serious investors and attracts a lot of respect. Despite Verge’s negative publicity by competitors it has managed to grow within a very short time.

According to CoinMarketCap, Verge (XVG) is poised to challenge Bitcoin and other digital coins. It has risen from $0.00002 to 0.30 in January alone. This is 1.5 million percent compared to Bitcoin 1800% towards end of 2017. If these figures are anything, if Verge is adopted by the masses, it will literally go to the moon.

The future of Verge looks brighter than that of Bitcoin; it is more relevant to the modern consumer needs and offers more market applications compared to BTC. Consumers are discerned by factionalist and satisfaction; these are what add value to Verge making it the next better Bitcoin.


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