NEO (NEO) is the coin to watch for long-term investors!

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NEO is the coin to watch for long-term investors!

If there is one cryptocurrency that can guarantee you long-term value growth its NEO. Company is so strong that even during last week’s price crash, it was the only one that held its value. But why is it so strong, as compared to most other cryptocurrencies in the market? Well, there are several factors that have confluence to make NEO (NEO) the high growth coin that it is today. Let’s go through the main ones.

  1. It supports multiple languages

NEO operates in the smart contracts space together with Ethereum. However, unlike Ethereum NEO is written in several languages, which makes it capable of handling more complex smart contract applications than Ethereum. This aspect alone gives it an edge over Ethereum in the smart contract space, which explains its strong value growth potential. In fact, there is a good chance that coin will be valued more than Ethereum in coming years, if not months.

  1. NEO (NEO) pays out dividends

Unlike other cryptocurrencies that offer no other value to the investor other than speculative value growth, NEO pays you for holding the coins. Yes, you got that right! You actually earn by holding it. Even more interesting is the fact that the value of the dividends for NEO holders have been increasing over time. The fact that it gives investors the chance to earn a passive income gives it a great value growth that is not there in most other cryptos. It is therefore not surprising that coin has held its value even when the other cryptos have lost. This also makes NEO one of the best coins to invest in, when looking for long-term value growth.

  1. NEO is getting accepted in more exchanges

The value of a cryptocurrency grows as they get listed on a higher number of exchanges. That’s why, a few weeks ago, the value of Ripple coin rose significantly, when rumors came up that it was being listed on coin base, but later crashed when the rumor was dismissed as untrue. On this basis, NEO has a great chance for future growth especially now that it is being added in more exchanges, including Poloniex. When you combine this with company’s strong fundamentals such as the dividend aspect of it, it is not hard to see why it will experience exponential value growth in days to come.

  1. The Chinese government is easy on NEO

In the last few months, the Chinese government has been on a war path with cryptocurrencies. However, NEO seems to be in the good books of the Chinese government with the team behind it being fully compliant with Chinese regulations. Given that China is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency markets, and it is a Chinese coin, it is not hard to see why this coin will not explode in value in coming days. In fact, a valuation of $1000 and above for NEO is a realistic possibility. Besides, the crypto market is still young, and as regulations stabilize, it is one of the coins that will attract institutional investors both from China and beyond.


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