Tron (TRX): The coin that will revolutionize content creation and distribution

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3 Reasons Why Tron (TRX) is Worth Investing in 2018?

There are many alt-coins out there all promising exemplary returns. Most have hardcore communities that just scream “to the moon” even though these coins have nothing much to offer. But amidst this crowded space of altcoins, there is one that has a real chance of growth, and that’s Tron.

What is Tron coin?

Tron is a blockchain protocol that aims that aims to decentralize entertainment content by creating a free global entertainment platform. The whole idea is to allow content creators and users to publish and store their own data, as well as determine who gets to use it. In short, it aims to give power back to content creators, power they lost long ago to mammoth entertainment corporations.

The 3 Reasons:

While investing is always a personal choice, we do believe that Tron (TRX) is a good investment and for a good reason.

  1. It has an influential Asian founder

Tron’s founder is a very influential person in the Asian crypto community. If you have been into cryptos for a while, then you know how important the Asian community is to the crypto currency market. In fact, last week crypto values crashed when Asian volumes declined, due to government regulatory fears. With this in mind, it becomes clear that a coin whose founder is an Asian, and an influential one at that, will play a role in helping accelerate its growth, by rallying Asians behind it.

  1. It has a robust and proactive user community

As a rule, the stronger the community behind a coin is, the greater its chances of success. That’s because such a community creates a buzz around a coin, attracting new buyers, which in turn creates bullish momentum. On this front, Tron is quite strong. It has a very strong community that is constantly talking about it on Facebook, and other social media platforms. The result has been an increased interest in Tron, which can explain why the coin has seen a momentous price rise in the last few weeks.

  1. It has real-world use

As presently structured, the entertainment industry is skewed in favor of corporations. Content creators only take a small percentage of the money, yet they are the ones generating it. Tron aims to solve this problem, by giving power back to content creators. That’s a revolutionary approach to entertainment that will play a role in Tron’s growth as an investable asset.

How to buy Tron (TRX)

To buy Tron, you need to first register with any of the exchanges where it’s listed.

However, buying Tron is one thing and storing them safely is another. To keep your Tron coins safe, take them off the exchanges and into a secure wallet.

Storing Tron

The best way to store Tron is to create a MyEtherWallet.  This wallet allows you to store coins on the Ethereum blockchain, Tron being one of them. By keeping your Tron coins in this wallet, you take control of your private keys, away from the preying eyes of hackers.


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