Dash (DASH): Beginners Guide

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DASH is a cryptocurrency formally known as XCoin (XCO). It was released in January, 2014. It was rebranded to Dash (DASH) after going by the name Darkcoin.

Dash Duffeild, the developer got says he wanted to come up with a digital coin that was faster and more private than the Bitcoin.

Special features of the Dash (DASH)

·         InstantSend

The Dash has InstantSend service which ensures that users enjoy instant transaction. Payments take less than a minute to process.

·         PrivateSend

It is a coin mixing service built on CoinJoin.

The maximum amount of DASH allowed for a PrivateSend is 100 DASH.

The PrivateSend System also provides the users with added privacy since transactions are submitted using special networks known as DSTX.

·         Masternodes

Contrary to most cryptocurrencies where all functions are performed using a single-tier network, in Dash network, there are two-tier networks with different functions.

One tier is handled by those who mine, the miners, while the other tier is made up of masternodes which do the work of governance, PrivateSend and InstantSend.

The reward in this case is divided between the masternodes and the miners. Every tier gets 45% of the reward. Then, the remaining 10% funds the system.

Dash (DASH) price movements

After the rebranding into “Dash” the DASH coin was released into the market on March, 2014.

If you look at the historical price data on the DASH, you will realize that from the time of its release, to March, 2017, the value was just below $50 per token. Then from March, the market saw a bullish trend which saw an improved momentum from November to 21ST December the same year, before the prices later started to depreciate.

On 21st December, 2017, the price of a single DASH was higher than that of Ethereum, the second best valued cryptocurrency in the world. A single coin was going for $1,595.21 on that day, which is the highest that the coin has ever traded since it was born.

After hitting the all-time high, the DASH saw a huge decline to around $626 per token. This was a 55.26% decline.

However, the value of the coin seems to have found a support at $600 and it has resumed the upward trend. If the bullish trend continues past the $900 resistance level, investors should be looking forward to the coin hitting the $1,200 resistance level too in a couple of days.

Dash coin supply

The maximum amount of Dash (DASH) coins that can be in supply is 18,900,000 DASH. However, at the moment, the amount of circulating DASH coins is 7,823,124 DASH close LESS THAN 50% OF the total intended supply. This means it will take several more years before the target is achieved.

But with the value going up every day, there is nothing to really worry about. Actually, as per 20th January, 2018, a single token was going for $905.58 USD with a market cap of $7,089,618,829 USD ranking at number 12 in terms of market capitalization.

Where can one trade Dash (DASH)?

There are various platforms where one can get to trade the Dash. These include:

  • huobi.pro
  • coinmarketcap
  • worldcoinindex
  • kitco
  • tradingview
  • coingecko
  • investing
  • moonstats
  • cryptrader

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