EOS (EOS) and Three Upcoming Atlcoins to buy just under $50

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EOS (EOS) and Three Upcoming Atlcoins to buy

It might sound like a joke investing for as little as under $50 and make it in the cryptocurrency world. Well, this is the sad fact. It is about time to shift from focusing on major currencies that have become out of reach for the ordinary person and invest in the most promising Altcoins like EOS. Any alternative coin worth investing starts from a low entry point. Remember the likes of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum were once under $50.

2017 cryptocurrency performance should help you understand the trends and the role Altcoins play in driving adoption. According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin and Ethereum gains rose to 1,616% and 12,570% respectively in 2017 alone. This is a clear indicator that the Altcoins have their potential in the cryptocurrency market.

Let’s face the reality; walking in to your local bar or fast food join with $50 is not much especially when you tag along your family. However, if you are a forward looking chap, invest in the same amount in Altcoins can change your entire life in three of four years. Look at BTC and ETH, they are less than ten years old and they have created millionaires. The next big thing is coming out of Altcoins.

There are many Altcoins out there waiting for you; you need to get onboard before they gain traction. However, below are some select coins that have a sound foundation, embrace the latest blockchain technologies and value for your money. These are all under $50 (at the time of writing) and can turn around you fortunes, if only you buy them now.

1. EOS (EOS)

EOS could be at the back of your mind now and invest $50 plus might look farfetched. If you are looking for fast transactions, this is the real deal for you.

Current price: $ 12.26
Total Market Value: $7.52 Billion
Price gain in the last 30 days: +57.52%

Why buy EOS (EOS)?

Making EOS the Altcoin of choice is a good decision at the moment. If you do not like the cryptocurrency string of addresses, try this simple platform. You only need a user name and you can trade, blog and communicate on a single system. It is user friendly and allows you any DAPP that identifies you with username.

EES is highly scalable and has the capacity to host thousands of Developer Applications to support organizational processes. There is a distinction between transaction authentication and execution thus offering the user the best experience backed by high level security.

The system focuses on the developer functions and you can free and fix any malfunctioning application without affecting the other system processes. You are assured of an ecosystem free of downtime. This is the ideal platform for webmaster and newbies looking for space to host their blogs and other front end applications. It has a simple easy to use interface for all.

Getting all these functionalities for under $50 is quite easy. There are benefits given this is a small community that targets both individuals and organizations to come onboard. The traction is poised to phenomenal in 2018 and beyond.


Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts undervalue QTUM because they compare it with BTC and ETH. The beauty of QTUM is that it combines ETC Virtual technology and BTC Blockchain and that is where it derives its maturity from.

Current Price: $40.52
Total Market Value: $ 2.99 Billion
Price gain in the last 30 days: +79.80%

Why Chose to buy QTUM (QTUM)?

If the above figures are anything to go by, think about the long term prospects of the coin. QTUM project developers are focused on generating the right hype and convert adorers into users. If you are early adopter of the system, you have a bigger say.

The list of individual and organizations backing the network speaks volume of how QTUM could become the new big thing like BTC and ETH. Some big names behind the platform include Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio, Jeremy Gardner, the co-founder of Augur, The founder of Chinas Uber Chen Weixing and Bo Shen, the General Partner at Fenbushi Capital.

This makes QTUM the best bet under $50; it is built for business and led by business minded team. The system simplified smart contracts for the corporate world. It supports light clients thus fitting into the world of the smartphone user. This is a big plus when you are shopping for an Altcoin that is set to change the cryptocurrency money markets.

3. Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic (ETC) seems like the right Altcoin to choose under $50 given the fact is forked from the original Ethereum. However, the fall out was informed by the need to offer better services and benefits to the user.

Current Price: $32.79
Total Market Value: $3.25 billion
Price gain in the last 30 days: + 16.55%

Why Choose Ethereum Classic (ETC) as the Best Buy?

One simple reason to buy ETC is that it forked to offer better services and deals to its community. You are right; however, it started small and many users on the old ETH platform are shifting to the new ETC platform that offers better functions and long term investment opportunities.

Transactions are faster and it is easy to develop applications on the ETC ecosystem using smart contracts. With its continuing resilience, ETC is soon going to give BTC and ETH a run for their money. In terms of liquidity, ETC seems doing better that the original blockchain; a reason you need to buy the coin while still under the $50 mark.

It is a just a matter of time and your investment in Ethereum Classic of less $50 to grow your cryptocurrency portfolio. You have a chance to count on institutional investors and other high net individuals as well as ride on the media attention the platform is getting after the fork.

4. RaiBlocks (XRB)

RaiBlocks (XRB) is the new Altcoin kid on the block that is under $50 that you need to buy now.

Current Price: $18.30
Total Market Value: $2.43 billion
Price gain in the last 30 days: + 97.41%

Why should you buy RaiBlocks (XRB)?

This is a new platform that is focused on addressing the scalability issues surrounding older cryptocurrencies. If you are looking for a system that promises the future, RaiBlocks (XRB) is a good deal; it is scalable and attracts zero fees.

A few months ago XRB was at $0.38 and when you compare this with the current price of $18.30, the growth is promising. There is demand for scaling solutions and getting these at zero fees is something worth under $50. This could be the next BT or ETH given that these two are still stuck on Proof-of-work concept.

RailBlocks offers a relatively new concept, easing competition and a good recipe for growth. It locks out the mining function and passing the benefits to the user. What more would you love in a platform that charges zero fee and real time transactions? At the current price of $18.30, it is a coin to buy ad run with.

It might sound alien when you think about buying EOS (EOS), QTUM (QTUM), Ethereum Classic (ETC) or even RaiBlocks (XRB) now but if you want to do yourself justice, have a look at BTC, ETH and Ripple journey. They are where they are in less than ten years and investors are smiling all the way to their wallets. Buy what you can afford right now and get off the fence.


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