Why SmartCash (SMART) coin might be the hottest cryptocurrency

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Ever since SmartCash (SMART) was introduced in the world of cryptocurrency, investors have developed interest in it especially during the past two week. With a value as low as $1.53, SMART has attracted a total of $917 million in its market cap which is just shying off a billion dollars in its current standings. As of December 2017, it was selling at five cents per coin; a clear indication that it had achieved more than what was targeted. This drastic change clearly signifies a positive response for the newly launched crypto coin.

This recent development has sparked a global uproar with people posing questions such as; is it a healthy move? Will the coin maintain this upward trend with other cryptocurrencies emerging or is it a bluff?

Understanding what SmartCash (SMART) is all about

SmartCash is another form of cryptocurrency founded in mid-2017 as a fork venture of the zcoin project. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, SMART operates on a peer-to-peer decentralized digital cash platform. With dash-like features such as confidential and fast transactions that comes with new twists, it is regarded as a community based project, assistance development based currency. In simple terms it bridges the gap between the old and current account holder where 80% of the blockchain is allocated to the project propose by the public, 15% to the SmartRewards and the rest of 5% remains with the broker.

The rationale behind it existence is aimed at putting the public’s interest above anything else and channelling the larger portion towards securing the coin. It creates solutions to prevailing problems experienced by other crypto coins.

What is motivating the upward trend for this coin?

When the Hive Team was introducing SmartCash (SMART) into the market, they had factored in other issues faced by other coins. By solving public dispute issues, it is becoming one of the best alternatives for potential crypto investors. They are hoping these problems will not recur in the near future now that a solution has been created.

SmartRewards is a feature that enables members to opt out of ‘staking’ their coins. Instead, they are supposed to retain at least 1000 coins to earn the SmartReward after a month; more like rewarding you for your loyalty as a member of a decentralized community. You see, its current ranking at position 66 in cryptocurrency charts is expected to improve and stand at the top of the hierarchy in the near future. With a cryptocurrency like SMART which has the community’s interest at heart, mass exodus is likely to be experienced to prove this point beyond limits.

Is the future bright for SmartCash?

Most analysts are of the opinion that SmartCash (SMART) can be the next cryptocurrency with a huge following now that it has societal needs at heart. Many may have speculated that with all such features it has to offer, it will beat its competitors in the next six months. Even though it keeps fluctuating, more surprises will be felt now that it is operating on a 1 dollar bracket or beyond. Who knows? Its trading value may drop below a dollar as temporary miners keep registering profits. Analysts stand corrected and only time will tell.



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