Ethos (ETHOS): Investing in the “people’s cryptocurrency”

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Ethos (ETHOS) cryptocurrency is a product of Ethos Company which was previously known as Bitquence. Prior to the development and release of Ethos in June, 2017, Bitquence was using BQX coin as its cryptocurrency coin.

Company offers one of the most social cryptocurrency platforms in the world and thus the nickname “the people’s currency”.  After its launch, ETHOS has tried very hard to make the cryptocurrency market accessible by any person by establishing a fiat gateway into the blockchain world. By doing so, it is opening a new front where cryptocurrency is becoming democratic to an extent that even the average person can access and use their platform.

Features of Ethos (ETHOS)  Platform

In a bid to create a secure ETHOS trustworthy way of linking the old economy to the new digital currencies, It’s keen to bring about a simple user friendly platform for easy transfer of money anywhere in the world.

The platform has very unique features which include a universal ethos wallet, fiat diversification system and a strong Ethos community.

The universal ethos wallet has an in-built decentralized wallet management system which makes it very easy to transfer money anywhere. The wallet links very well with the fiat systems so as to allow for a smooth exchange of the two.

The fiat and diversification system is a legal structure with a fiat diversification scheme whose abilities are improved by the Ethos liquidity network.

The strong Ethos community provides a great connection between beginners and experts. In doing so, the novices are able to acquire technical help from their much experienced comrades.

Ethos price: the rise and fall of Ethos

When Ethos was taking over from the BQX coin, the price of a single token was around $0.3. But in a period of around one and a half years, the coin has greatly improved to cost at $6.18 USD per token.

From the time Ethos was released, the coin has generally been having a bullish trend although not too strong. Then, from mid-December, 2017, the coin saw a huge surge in prices making its value to hit an all-time high of $10.85 in 7th January, 2018 before embarking on a sharp decline.

In the last 10 days, the value of ethos has declined by 43.04% to stand at $6.18 on 17th January, 2018. This is quite a huge decline and it is sending mixed signals to the investors. Who had thought it was now money making time.

Nevertheless, since this coin has had a slow bullish trend in the past even before the sudden rise in prices. Investors should not freak out especially going by the market cap which currently stands at $465,860,102 USD. Showing that there is an increased number of transactions and more and more investors are gaining confidence in the Ethos (ETHOS). In any trend, there have to be some pullbacks here and there as the asset stabilizes.



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