Top 3 Stocks Might Be Next Facebook

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Facebook is still at the top. The first half of the January 2018 saw the social networking giant getting high and positive reports from some of the renowned Wall Street analysts with one of them even calling FB as the “top pick for 2018.”

The channel checks have proved repeatedly that Facebook has shown a very strong growth when it comes to its video business. So, yes indeed! Facebook is the topmost stock to look into. But then that certainly is not all! There are other competitors who might just catch up with the social networking mogul this year.

Check out the top 3 stocks that might just move closer to Facebook or go beyond in 2018:

  1. GrubHub Inc.(NYSE:GRUB)

Facebook has earned glory connecting people to each other. GrubHub does the same thing- connects people but with something that is so important for everyone-food. It is the leading restaurant-takeout marketplace in the USA and millions of diners seeking easy access to local restaurants use this network. It allows the diners to order conveniently using a plethora of options including websites and Smartphone apps from their remote locations.

The bygone year was truly a banner year for GrubHub. With the shares escalating up to 90%, the delivery specialist has consistently and repeatedly gone beyond fulfilling mere expectations as its earnings reports continued to attract a number of acquisitions. The company already has a long-term partnership with Yelp and recently took over other delivery sites, Eat24 for $287.5 million, Foodler, and 27 of OrderUp’s markets from Groupon increasing its food-delivery market share.

As of now, GrubHub is the top-notch delivery specialist in 13 of the 22 biggest cities in the United States and has managed to give a tough competition to Uber and

  1. Centennial Resource Development, Inc.(NASDAQ:CDEV)

Shale driller Centennial Resource Development has grown beyond expectations completing a series of deals and also locking up lucrative stake in Permian Basin which is one of the reasons for its jaw-dropping growth in oil production. The company’s oil production has risen 21% to 21, 108 barrels/day in the last quarter of 2017 alone and the output has grown up by 101% since January 2017.

The rapid growth in production has driven the stock up by more than 100%, especially more after the current management took the reins in its hands in October 2016. The shale driller’s objective is to achieve the best equity performance of all the oil stocks among its peers in the next couple of years. Importantly, the company is planning best-in-class production growth to boost up the oil output to 60,000 per day in coming two years. So, it surely is going to lead to massive cash flow and profit growth thereby taking the company’s stock skyward.

  1. SolarEdge Technologies, Inc.(NASDAQ:SEDG)

The shares of SolarEdge Technologies gained around 200% in 2017 and is now well-poised for a long-term growth. One of the leading solar inverters offering company, its revenue in the third quarter of 2017 grew to 30% and the earnings per share rose 73% more compared to the statistics of a year ago. And this growth has been stable, continuous and does not show any signs of slowing.

SolarEdge has taken the business of solar inverters beyond the regular competitors by adding a charger into the mix and hence the stocks are sure to shoot up.

So, you certainly have a few, scalable options to Facebook in 2018.


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