Will the EOS hit the $20 mark any time soon?

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EOS has recently claimed a name for its tremendous performance as a cryptocurrency that is worth investing in. It has made tremendous steps as being one of the youngest digital currencies listed at the 10th position at the coinmarketcap.com. So what exactly is EOS and who is behind it?

Dan Larimer, a very talented and successful programmer is the founder of EOS. He has moulded the crypto coin to ensure that it proliferates the Blockchain environment. The programmer has other success stories of creating digital currencies that have done well and in the trading market. He founded BitShares and Steem, which he later abandoned and later came up with EOS.

Envisioning himself as an angel developer that is there to address limitations in the Blockchain ecosystem, he has successfully created a digital currency that is currently a good and worthwhile investment.

Recently, EOS relieased the DAWN 2.0, which enable developers to come up with apps that are decentralized autonomously (dApps) while still capitalizing on the Blockchain. In order to fully understand EOS, you should understand it both as a cryptocurrency as well as the Blockchain platform.

How does EOS perform as a platform

EOS is also a platform, created by Block.one, yet similar to Ethereum Blockchain whereby it creates a rather unique decentralized ecosystem for apps. This is by ensuring it utilizes the current Blockchain it operates on with the fiat currencies and smart contracts too. Promising its success is its speed of operation whereby its developers claim it can manage up to 50,000 transactions in a second. This speed exceeds by far what most blockchains can achieve.

How is EOS performing as a cryptocurrency

Claiming its 10th position at coinmarketcap, EOS is still promising taking into consideration the fact that it is both a cryptocurrency as well as a platform.

As a crypto, the EOS is quite a new currency that was launched in July 2017, where it was worth only $1. After a few months later, at the start of November, the currency took a steep ascend in its value to date. It has had its up and downs but its graph is steadily rising. The currency has now hit its all-time high of $18.30 with promises of growth. So the big question is will this coin reach the $20 mark any time soon?

EOS Chart
Chart by coinmarketcap.com

Where is the future of EOS?

The future of this coin in rather on a balance. With his tendancy to abandon projects that he is working on, Dan Larimer its founder might as well ditch on this project, who knows? It hard to tell whether he will dedicate his entire time to this cryptocurrency or he will vent out more.  So where does that leave the future of EOS as a top cryptocurrency to trade?

The cryptocurrency has already officiated and launched a testable project making ensuring that the future of the project is untamed. This has facilitated the identification of several development issues and flaws of the currency that are common fixable issues with any cryptocurrency.

Definitely, the future technology lies in the decentralization of applications as well as the integration of blockchain. The certainty of EOS being a game changer in that future or its immediate downfall during its developmental phase is untold. The only sure and certainty is that EOS is a coin that you should keep a close watch this year.

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