Developed in 2014 as the DogeCoinDark, and re-branded to Verge (XVG) in 2017, the XVG has been in the market for only about 3 years now.

Looking at the prices of the three years historical chart data, the value of the currency is rising very fast and this may be the nest crypto coin to watch this year.

History of Verge(VXG)

Although the real surge in prices came at the beginning of 2018.

What is really unique about Verge (XVG)?

There has to be a reason behind the strong resilient performance of XVG!

Yes. Here it is!

To begin with Verge is made to operate in a virtually untraceable environment enabling its users to make prompt anonymous transactions. Behind the scenes, Verge uses an extremely advanced blockchain technology contrary to most of the other crypto currencies. The blockchain is based on technologies such as the Tor and I2P, which conceals the personal data (IP-addresses and geolocation) of the owner or transactor.

Verge (XVG) also uses the Simple Payment Verification (SPV) technology thus making the transaction time very small to around 5 seconds.

Then there is the release of the Wraith Protocol which actually sent the prices of the (XVG) skyrocketing. Immediately after the release of the protocol the value of coin spontaneously went up to $0.24 from $0.14 at the same time, there was also a surge in the volume traded.

What is Wraith Protocol and why does it have such an impact on XVG?

In simple terms, the Wraith Protocol is an added feature of the Verge (XVG) which enables its users to shift between private and public registers/ledgers. It is specifically important when making transactions.

With Wraith Protocol, any transaction that the user makes is not recoded on the public ledger. This makes the currency completely private to an extent that even the blockchain explorers can’t trace the transactions.

From the way users reacted after its release, it shore that crypto traders are now looking for currencies which are more secure and private and Verge has just proved to be one of them. XVG has actually demonstrated that its transactions are too secure for even threats such as those posed by the quantum computers.

So, should I invest in Verge (XVG) yet or do I give it time?

This is a great opportunity to invest in Verge (XVG). Wise investors always invest in those assets which show a potential of gaining value.

Current prices of Verge(VXG)

Looking at the trend, XVG Coin surely has a bright future. The trend is very promising.

If you want to make money in trading cryptocurrencies in 2018, then this is the currency to invest in. It is very young for even impose fears of its prices crippling down due to being overpriced. Actually it is a long way from being overpriced and you can take that opportunity to grow with it.

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This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of cryptocurrencies or a recommendation to invest. Historic performance is no guarantee of future returns. As an investment class, cryptocurrencies are speculative investments and investing in cryptocurrencies involves significant risks – they are highly volatile, vulnerable to hacking and capital loss and sensitive to secondary activity. Before investing you should obtain advice and decide whether the potential return outweighs the risks.


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  1. I believe Verge will surpass Bitcoin within 2 years. The tech is great and the family behind it is loyal. Of course you have to have patience and the weak hands always sell. Good for us because I will hold or bust.

  2. Verge is absolutely legit. Class of its field at the moment. It should go up like no other top 30 after the whales have botted it to death (especially after suspicious announcements of announcements) and it becomes too difficult to hjde its qualities. Victim of heaviest amount of FUD in the history of cryptos (and why would thst be?!) You figure out. Those in the know are buying it like there’s no tomorrow, as it has already been noted that a few wallets are becoming huge and a half.
    Tron is another story. Apparently it was all publicity and fake or meaningless partnership (e.g., huge partnership with the great, that is nothing more than a web address they bought). Whitepaper is copy and paste, as @satoshilite has retweeted, and they do not make an official English version available to dispell fud. Supposedly hiring a lot of qualified people, but it seems like too little too late.

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