Crystal Clear CCT comes to the market

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Crystal Clear is a relatively new crypto currency based on the app, which can be downloaded from Google Play. By the end of December, according to some sources, it was downloaded from 10 to 50 people. Many buyers note that to begin with, this indicator is extremely small.

Crystal Clear Services brings the revolutionary future and new technological solutions of the online industry closer to the sphere of offline services that almost everyone uses. However, some face the difficulties of poor organization and non-transparency in current service delivery systems. The Crystal Clear project has a social focus and helps to solve the daily problems of the majority of the population around the world.

The Crystal Clear platform is convenient and easy to use. Its development is taking into account that even the most remote from modern technologies users could order a service in a few clicks, create an auction, pay for the services rendered to them, or leave a response.

The platform is a service where executors and customers can meet. And both performers and customers can not change the history of their transactions, delete reviews or add new positive feedback – all information is written on the block and can not be destroyed.

Advantages of the platform are:

* Decentralized system;

* Transparency of all transactions and prices;

* Fixed reputation of both executors and customers, feedback, recommendations;

* Open history of transactions and work execution;

* A system of bonuses and awards;

* The escrow system and price fixing for the parties;

* Integrated system of auctions;

* Global blacklisting system.


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