NXT new bitcoin 2018

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NXT is the abbreviation for Nextcoin crypto currency. What is it? This is a kind of digital currency, the issue and accounting of which are based solely on asymmetric encryption. The system operates in a decentralized way in a divided computer network.

This currency was developed back in 2013 by a group of non-standard, talented programmers. The rate of this currency is called the “fork” of the standard bitcoin. But in fact, the rate and forecasts for it are completely different: NXT is a representative of a fixed issue. Miners profit only from commissions for transactions.

The currency is more and more affirmed and consolidated in the modern market. NXT has shown its first jump at the end of 2017. Since then, the dynamics of currency growth has only increased. To date, the capitalization of the NXT is equated to $ 15 billion. What is the reason for such demand and currency value? This kind of growth is caused by the worldwide popularity of crypto-currency in general. This jump in interest in NXT proves once again that miners on commission transactions can earn quite well, with a minimum of effort.

Despite its “youth”, the crypto currency has quickly established itself in the modern market of the computer economy. Now this is a full-fledged crypto currency, which helps to conduct a number of transactions and store savings on an electronic wallet.

The creators of the currency thought out all the details of the use of this crypto unit. So, for full-fledged use and successful conduct, you will need to install a client-wallet.

How does crypto money work? Miners of this currency receive their earnings through the transaction. The mining begins after the opening of the purse and the appointment of its commission for the funds that will pass through it. Calculations are carried out with the involvement of blocks with the maximum possible commission. Mining itself occurs directly in the browser. It is quite convenient and profitable, because it frees private traders from additional waste to purchase special graphics cards.


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