New iPhone app let you mine bitcoins

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The application from the authors of jailbreaks allows you to turn your iPhone into a miniature farm for mining.

Developer and creator of jailbreaks Elias Limneos released the application MobileMiner, which allows you to drop crypto currency directly from the iPhone. The program works in the background, but it heavily loads the smartphone and discharges its battery, reports 9to50mac.

The program is not available for a wide range of iPhone users, as it provides a long background work, which is prohibited by the rules of the App Store. Therefore, the application has to be installed on the smartphone bypassing the repository, having an application developer account. MobileMiner itself is free and is in the public domain.

According to the developer, the application is especially effective on new smartphones with a modern processor – iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X. After installing the program, you need to choose which currency the iPhone will mine. You can choose between bitcoin, monero, Bytecoin, ethereum and other currencies. It is also necessary to set the time of the application, the option of mining is available within 24 hours.

The 9to50mac edition checked the application, forcing it to mine the Electroneum currency. It turned out that the smartphone decently warms up during operation and discharges the battery. For example, the iPhone X battery “died” in four to five hours. According to rough estimates, in the mode of mining 24/7 per month you can earn $ 12 (without taking into account the cost of electricity).

It is obvious that, despite the high performance of modern smartphones, cannibalizing with their help is not very effective. In addition to battery wear, there is a real risk of a processor failure, which is forced to work at increased speeds in the mining mode.

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