Prediction for Bitcoin in 2018

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The creator of bitcoin entered the top 50 richest people in the world according to Forbes magazine.

His condition as of December 28 is estimated at $ 19.4 billion, which allowed “the father of bitcoin” to take the 44th place on the list.

According to the existing legend, the author of bitcoin is a Satoshi Nakamoto, whom no one has ever seen. There is also a version that there is a whole group of people behind this name, but it is not confirmed by anything else.

Such mystery of the unknown “Mr. X” from time to time gives rise to a variety of conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, this circumstance did not stop the experts from Forbes, who decided to assess the money of Satoshi, in fact, based on rumors. And according to rumors, Nakamoto owns about 980,000 bitcoins, which in the second decade of December traded at a level above $ 18,000.

Incredible takeoff

In 2017, bitcoin showed an incredible rise: in less than 12 months its value soared 18 times! This stunning growth forced experts to evaluate it as a bubble, similar, for example, to a bubble in the real estate market.

However, it would be incorrect to say that this phenomenon is assessed by experts unanimously. And while some consider bitcoin as a fraud, pushing “conspiracy” versions (they say, crypto-currencies are created in order to remove “excess” liquidity from circulation), others predict further growth of bitcoin.

In this case, both the first and second agree that even a bubble can be inflated for a long time. And, therefore, bitcoin today, albeit a high-risk, but extremely interesting investment tool.

In the third decade of December, bitcoin had already survived and took off to 20 thousand dollars, and the ensuing grandiose collapse. But this is not the end.

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