Slaves earned a fortune of bitcoins to their mistress

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An extraordinary British woman has created a “slave farm”, which earn millions for her on crypto-exchanges.

Sex dominatrix decided to retrain, and from porn business, she went into the financial sphere. However, as it turned out, past skills can also benefit here. At least, it worked out for her.

“Mistress”, who was hiding under the pseudonym of Theodore, organized a whole “slave farm”, which, under her supervision, “mined” in the market of crypto-currencies, playing with the bitcoins course, thus helping to earn more than a million pounds sterling for their mistress.

“Bitcoin Bomb”, as she was called by the British media, claims that all men registered on her site, and there were already hundreds of them, get a huge sexual pleasure from helping her to earn money on floating exchange rates.

And she definitely knows how to get in charge.

Enamored followers, as she said, even prefer to be her “human ATMs”, giving her full control over their bank accounts.

“I take donations, I have people to extract virtual money. I specifically take customers who like new technologies. In addition, I myself taught my “slaves” how to build financial schemes and now they work for me 24 hours a day, seven days a week, “- Theodore proudly tells about her project to the press.

While it is not a crime to choose whom to worship, there is a crime to take advantage of these men, take their money, which qualifies it as prostitution.

The real name of woman is kept in secret. Investigation continues.

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