Will bitcoin become a real currency?

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While bitcoin remains a hot investment idea, the possibility of using it as a means of payment looks ghostly.

In many countries the status of the first crypto currency looks uncertain: some of them ban bitcoin, some of them see great prospects in it and plan to create crypto-currency sandboxes. Representatives of the authorities then echo colleagues from abroad, they take a cardinally opposite position, explaining this by the classic “I do it my way”. The general impression is that most of the leaders voicing their point of view simply do not yet fully understand the topic.

Let’s look at the current market situation without going into the legal subtleties, and determine the place of bitcoin in the existing paradigm.

Let’s turn to the growth schedule of bitcoin prices from January 1 to December 28, 2017.

Bitcoin is an excellent medium for investments in the medium and long term, despite its incredible amplitudes: at the beginning of the year, it cost less than one thousand dollars, by the end – $ 20,000. Supporters of crypto currency predicted bitcoin in 2018 new heights of $ 40, $ 50 and even $ 100,000 dollars. And John McAfee, the founder of the McAfee brand, is confident that BTC will reach $ 1 million per coin by the end of 2020.

The difference between extremes makes bitcoin an advantageous tool for stock crypto exchange: in the last two weeks of the outgoing year, the digital asset has shown a picture worthy of a “roller coaster”, collapsing from $ 20,000 to $ 12,000 and allowing investors to purchase at “bottoms”. Of course, bitcoin “descends” more than once, but we can no longer see such values. But everyone who is familiar with the first crypto currency, regrets that he did not buy it in 2009 or at least in early 2017. In 3-5 years we will regret that we did not buy it today.

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